To Blog or Not to Blog?

David Tennant in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Hamlet

Mr. Hamlet had it right when he asked himself a similar question. Now, in the social media crazed world, I’m asking myself “to blog or not to blog?”

  • Will people read it?
  • Do people care?
  • What do I write about?

Well, I may be years behind, but I’ve finally given in to the ol’ blogosphere. Actually, I signed up for WordPress three years ago, but just haven’t published a post…so maybe I’m not all that far behind the times.

My good friend’s blog Erin Pot Pie is so deliciously hilarious, that it has inspired me to start a blog of my own. Now, I’m not promising my posts will be as LMAO-ly funny, but I’m currently job-free so have some time on my hands (and fingertips) to take up some hobbies I’ve been pushing to the back burner for the last few years. Instead of dusting off my old journals from high school, I’m dusting off my lazy butt and looking forward to this new virtual adventure.

Some topics I’m excited to explore:

  • Inspirations
  • Favorite photos
  • Random Musings
  • ??? – Who knows where Thi2’s Takes can take me!

What about you guys? To blog or not to blog? Do you write one that I’m not reading (yet)? What are some of your favorite blogs? I’m sure I’ll need some inspiration, so would love to hear your faves!


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