Wedding Wednesday: Engaging E-Sessions

First official confession of the blog: My name is Thi, and I’m addicted to weddings. There, it’s out there.

I know our big day has come and gone (very quickly, may I add), but I love every detail about weddings. I love it all: the love, emotions, traditions, fashions, accessories, flowers, photography, invitations, food and personal touches. I could (and do) spend hours visiting wedding blogs, reading bridal magazines and daydreaming.

Say No to the Prom Pose
Yesteray, Brides magazine’s Brides Daily blog posted a story, “How to Make Your Engagement Shoot Fun!” and featured the most talked about engaged pair of the year, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who shared with the world their recent engagement session with famed London photographer Mario Testino. No stuffiness here! William and Kate’s photos were casual, endearing and helped further connect the pair with everyone else in the world.

Props, Parks and Pairs…Oh My!
Some of my friends have had some amazingly creative engagement sessions. Below is just a sampling of the beautiful sessions. Click on the images for more about the pair, photo credits and links to see more.

A Sip of Thi & Cory
Click here to visit The Brides Cafe and check out some of our engagement photos by Becky Hill Weddings. We brainstormed props and locations with Becky in advance, and then spent a few fun hours running around Chicago. We had an absolute blast from start to finish. Thanks for the wonderful pix, Becky!

Do you have some engaging e-seshes to share? I’d love to see them or hear about some of your favorite spots, props or shots.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Engaging E-Sessions

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  2. Hi Thi – Just wanted to say a belated thanks for sharing one of my photos! 🙂 My Facebook “fan” page has a weird glitch where I never see any comments other people leave unless I click a specific box, and I always forget to check in to see if there are any new comments. 🙂 Just saw it today, so thank you! Happy new year!

    • Hi Olivia! Thanks so much for the message. You’re photos are always incredible, and I’ve been in a fan since we chatted last year! Hope you’re doing well, and can’t wait to see your work in 2011. All the best!

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