Friday Fave: Erin Pot Pie

Each Friday, I’ll share my favorite blog post of the week – whether it’s from a wedding, craft, gossip or friend’s blog.

Since I’m so new to this whole blog thing, I’m going to retroactively share some of my favorite posts. For the inaugural post of this series, I’m featuring my dear friend Erin’s blog, Erin Pot Pie. After all, this blog has helped inspire me to start writing one of my own.

Erin is one of the funniest, most unique and thoughtful people I know. She was my matron of honor and has been a rock for me in Chicago. Her blog is a true reflection of her – honest, creative, loving and hysterical. Hope you get a chance soon to sit down for a nice large helping of Erin Pot Pie. When you do, please leave a comment and let us know what your favorite serving is!


  • That Explains It – Workout Tapes (11.24.10)
    “I pulled out workout tapes this week…yes “VHS” tapes. In preparation for the Thanksgiving feast we are about to have with Brent’s family in Breckenridge, I decided to do one thirty minute workout, Buns of Steel 2000. I figure that should cover me for the holiday…”
    Note: Check out Erin’s Zumba workout – caught on video!



2 thoughts on “Friday Fave: Erin Pot Pie

  1. Well, this is my favorite Friday Fave! I am loving Thi2’s Takes! Excited for what’s next!!! Thanks for the nice shout out my little bonsai tree.

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