Score Big Sunday: RCJHKU

I never have and never will claim to be a sports expert. After all, it’s NFL Sunday and I could care less about the buzz around the Patriots, that really old quarterback who loves to sext and don’t even get me started on that Vick character…

What I can claim to be is a devoted Kansas Jayhawk. Actually, it’s a fact and today’s Score Big Sunday is devoted to my favorite team in all of sports.

Each year, we look forward to college basketball season, cheering on our alma mater all the way into March. Here’s a look at KU’s strong basketball tradition and a glimpse at what’s to come this year.

The House that Phog Built
ESPN reporter Doug Ward once called Allen Fieldhouse “Part hoops mecca, part Smithsonian, all Kansas.” Just this year, ESPN Magazine called it the loudest home court in college basketball. I agree wholeheartedly with these ESPN people. In college, my friends and I would barely miss a home game; but unfortunately, it had been six years since I’d gone to a game in Lawrence – until our fated pilgrimage back to the homeland in late November.

Call me a kid in a candy store! Not only did I get some Dippin’ Dots, but I got a chance to see the 2008 Championship banner/trophy, Kansas sports hall of fame and recent upgrades for the first time. It was AMAZING! I actually got the chills and already stalking the 2011 calendar to plan another visit.



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The Fans
Yes, while I know most top basketball programs have great fans, I am completely biased about the fans at Kansas. We are a unique bread of a fictitious bird meets true-blooded fanatics. Every KU fan knows the thrill of paper-shredding, waving the wheat and the dreaded Rock Chalk chant can get us through close-outs and nail-biters alike.

Want to see Kansas fans in action? Check out “Kansas Fans Sound Off” featured on

The Talent
Yesterday was a long-awaited day for many Kansas basketball fans. Yesterday marked the first day that the talented McDonald’s All-American Josh Selby took to the court for the Jayhawks, after an nine game suspension to start his freshman year. It was a nail-biter (read: I was curled up in fetal position and could not watch), but a W is a W and a Selby game-winner isn’t too bad either.

This year’s team (currently ranked No. 3 in the nation) is packed with power players – from the Morris twins to Brady Morningstar and everyone in between – and we count on each and every one of them for a different reason. Since I obviously can’t explain the magic of our roster with any sort of credibility, check out my friend Jeff’s blog, JKU.

Ok. Now that the cheerleading has started, anyone interested in a road trip to Ann Arbor for the KU/Michigan game!? We’re getting a party bus! Whoooooooo’s comin’ with me?


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