Music Monday: Songs for the Season

Some people dread the day radio stations start playing Christmas music. I, on the other hand, could fist pump all day to the sounds of “Feliz Navidad” and “All I Want for Christmas.” With Christmas just a few short days away (YAY!), take a listen to two of my favorite musicians and great friends…and a GLEE duet that I can’t resist.

Are you a fan of Christmas tunes? What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) songs of the season? Leave a comment or vote on our Facebook poll.

Ingrid is one of my best friends from college and a budding artist in Boston. She’s debuted her second album, Shed, just this month. In the spirit of the holidays, Ingrid is donating all proceeds of her music downloads and purchases on December 24 to a charity benefiting the Humane Society. Check her out on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Chris is a friend from high school who has also found success with his amazing voice. Recently, he has not only been seen coast-to-coast on tour, but he’s been seen on GLEE – as Warbler #6, to be exact. Chris perfected the step-touch for both “Teenage Dream” and “Hey Soul Sister.” Can you spot him?

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan. Betty Carter & Ray Charles. Norah Jones & Willie Nelson. Dolly Parton & Rod Stewart. Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey. Jovie & Buddy. Power duets of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” And now, Kurt & Blaine.


4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Songs for the Season

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