Wedding Wednesday: New Years Eve Weddings

Happy New Year’s, everyone! And, a happy birthday my dear friend Danice – my favorite NYE baby.

I personally think NYE is over-rated and am looking forward to a low-key night playing my new Just Dance Wii game. But, I know that for most NYE is a night to be celebrated – a new beginning, a fresh start. So, for some brides, it’s the perfect day for a white wedding and a countdown of a lifetime.

Here are some of great NYE wedding images:

I HEART the following NYE inspiration shoots featured on two of my favorite blogs:

Would you ever want to have your wedding on NYE? How would you celebrate?


7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: New Years Eve Weddings

  1. I love NYE weddings. two of my friends are getting married this NYE! I also love your Wedding Wednesday and may have to steal that idea for my own blog….just to get a “fix” as my husband calls it!

    • Oh my goodness, two? How fun. Sure, steal away…as long as you link back to my blog when you share the idea. Ha. It’s a great excuse for me to still stalk wedding blogs.

  2. Love the shoes… ;). Let me know how the new dance game is for the wii! We need new wii games! I’ve heard of two NYE weddings for this year as well through friends of friends. Sounds fun!

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