Wedding Wednesday: Step Right Up to Real Simple Weddings

Sorry for the late night post, everyone. It’s been a crazy day, but I’ve been looking forward to this post since I started this blog, so I didn’t want to skip.

As you read in last week’s #WW post, wedding magazines are my favorite reads. Finally, IT is OUT! Hit the newstands, guys…I’m signing autographs and if you’re lucky, I can maybe even get the bride and groom to write a personal note for you. Without further ado, check out Erin and Brent’s AMAZING carnival-inspired wedding featured in this year’s Real Simple Wedding magazine!

Click on the images for larger views.

Erin and Brent’s Nuptial Spectacular was the most creative wedding I’ve ever been to. Not only did we get front row tickets to a flame blower show, unlimited fried pickles and costumes galore, I was lucky enough to a part their big day as a bridesmaid (and sign holder!). Erin and Brent’s families poured their hearts, souls and ribs into customizing every detail, big or small. It was a production, it was a feat and it was magical.

Stay tuned for more coming soon on Erin Pot Pie!


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