Tasty Tuesday: 90 Miles, Bangers & Lace and Wicker Basket Cafe

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared a Tasty Tuesday post, but that’s not for lack of eating delicious foods! Recently, we’ve tried a few new places, including:

  • 90 Miles Cuban Cafe
  • Bangers & Lace
  • Wicker Basket Cafe

Have you tried any of these places? What are your thoughts?

90 Miles Cuban Cafe
A good BYOB joint where you can bring in your own rum and get the fixins to make your own mojitos! We tried to go to Irazu first, but that place is tiny, tiny. Luckily, 90 Miles has a large heated patio and hardly a wait on a Friday night.

We started with the empanadas, which unfortunately didn’t quite live up to the ones we enjoyed in Buenes Aires. Cory went with the oxtail special for dinner, which was flavorful and hearty. I decided on the traditional ropa vieja, though was disappointed because it did not compare to Cafe Laguardia’s. However, our highlight of the meal was breakfast the next morning. We saved the leftover ropa vieja, tossed an egg on it and enjoyed one of the best leftover-egg-breakfast-concoctions in a while.

Bangers & Lace
Just down the street from our place, we used to walk past Bangers & Lace every day during the fall. I thought it was just another neighborhood bar and was excited to add it to our pub crawl list.

But, the gastropub was recently featured in the January issue of Chicago Magazine (along with every other gastropub that’s named with an ampersand). So, I’ve been really wanting to try it since it’s so darn close. While I was in meetings one Saturday afternoon, Cory decided to go without me (BOO!) and texted me a pic of his fried deviled eggs (HISS!). Immediate jealously came over me, so I needed to try it ASAP.

I went with Wendizzle and J-Bizzle, and we were impressed with how hip the joint is. Adorned with a mix of sconces, art, and antlers, the decor was eclectic and fitting. We were overwhelmed with the great craft beer selection, so couldn’t get passed the brews to try some of the signature whiskey cocktails (and face it, whiskey’s not for me).

The menu is smaller, yet makes a statement. Everything we had was creative and modest, yet memorable. There’s no need for pretentious presentation points here, the food speaks for itself. A recap of the “edibles” we enjoyed:

House fries with Taleggio dip:
The hand-cut fries were perfectly seasoned and the Taleggio cheese dip was creamy and decadent yet not too, too rich. We had to ask for a extra side of it!

Corn nuts:
Crispy fried hominy, seasoned with smoked salt and chiles. Try these dipped in that Taleggio sauce.

Fried Deviled Eggs:
I, of course, has to order these since Cory had to rub it in my face when he ordered them. They had an interesting texture with the thinly fried batter (perfectly fried) and bacon bits, but the yolk mixture was lacking flavor.

Chicken Sandwich:
Smoked chicken sausage topped with melted pimenton, crushed chips, sweet relish, deviled eggs and green onions on a brioche roll. I’ve had some delicious chicken sausage lately, and the B&L sausage was up there. There was a lot going on with this dish and the brioche was a bit thick for my liking. This sandwich was probably one of my least favorites of the evening. I’d still eat it again, but I don’t think I’d come back specifically for it.

Hot Links:
Louisiana style hotlinks wrapped in a puff pastry and served with shark hot sauce and sour cream. Puff pastry makes everything taste like perfection. We skipped the sauces and also ate these with the Taleggio dip.

Truffle Grilled Cheese:
Saving the best for last, this modern grill cheese was incredible. Made with black truffle, taleggio, raclette and irish white cheddar, the sandwich was served with a side of tomato basil “soup” as a dip.

Wicker Basket Cafe
Another neighborhood goodie, Wicker Basket Cafe opened this summer and is home to my new guilty pleasure – red velvet doughnuts (YUM!). We’ve picked up a loaf of French bread there before, but we ate lunch there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The reasonably-priced menu is fairly standard, and sandwiches are served with a generous portion of Boar’s Head meats and a delightful side. The family members who own WBC are so sweet and service is great.


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