Wedding Wednesday: Winter Wonderland Weddings

It’s a snow day and I’m completely inspired by Father Winter and the Blizzard of Y2K11! Call it what you will – Snowmageddon, Snowpacolypse, Snowtorious B.I.G., Snowcaine Overdose, Thundersnow – it’s the one of the largest snow storms I’ve ever seen!

Hope you’re all cozying up by the fire today!



4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Winter Wonderland Weddings

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  2. It makes for such unbelievably memorable and beautiful pix, but I think I’d kill someone if I had to deal with snow on my wedding day. Or cold for that matter! Maybe I’m just over winter too! 🙂

  3. Oh, I loooooove! Too bad my man will not be up for anything of the sort when we decide to get hitched.. He’s a summer boy. But, nevertheless, there is just SOMETHING ABOUT a white dress against a snowy white background.. mmmm, I hope to photograph a LOT of these in my day!

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