Friday Fave: @someecards

While they aren’t the most politically or socially correct, @someecards tweets are usually good for a chuckle – sometimes they even warrant a repost to the ol’ FB or a spam email to friends!

Please note, the views of someecards are not necessarily my views, but I do think a lot of their cards are funny and wonder where the heck they come up with it.

Here are some of my favorite tweets this week:

January 31
How to trade in your VCR for a million dollars.

February 1
Church sign really sick of winter.

February 2
This February I’m only listening to music made by Michael Jackson when he was still black. #BlackHistoryMonth

February 3
Headline typo about girls college may accidentally result in millions of male applicants.

February 4
PC accidentally recommends Mac.

What are some of your favorite someecards?


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