Wedding Wednesday: Lovey Dovey Details

I’m not one for girly hearts, bows or ribbons, but since Valentine’s Day is coming up, today’s #WW is dedicated to some beautifully romantic lovey dovey details.

Paloma’s Nest
Home of the Original Ring Bearer Bowl and modern heirlooms

Michelle & Dent

Australian stationary designers (Photos from Oh So Beautiful)

Heart-shaped macaroons

Ashley Meaders
Homemade cake topper (Photos by Meagan Gibson on Once Wed)

Lauren Elise Crafted
DIY candy striped heart photo booth props (Photo by Lauren Donaldson on Emmaline Brides)

Vivienne Westwood
Anglomania Melissa Lady Dragon shoes (Photos by Max Wanger on FashionBinge)

Bragging Bags
Rustic Wood Heart Just Married” Sign (Photo by Morgan Trinker)

Brendan + Jennifer
Australian wedding (Photos by Jonathan Ong on Once Wed)

How adorable is that Australian couple? Breaks my heart how cute that is (pun intended)! I don’t totally agree with the balloon release since it’s not at all environmentally-friendly, but the photo fits perfectly into today’s theme.

So, what do think?

  • Valentine’s Day weddings, save the date or pick a new one? 
  • Heart-shaped details, classic or cheesy?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! XOXO…


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