Duster, May I?

WordPress introduced the new Duster theme just last week, and I was debating on making the switch so soon in the blogging game. What the heck, though, right? This look is cleaner, simpler and more me. And, it lets me use  my handwriting font that Erin and Deborah give me as a wedding gift: T’s New Roman!

I’d love your help on two things:

  1. SEARCH BAR: How does it appear on your screen? Does it cover part of the “Inspirations” tab and hide the “About Me” tab? I’ve tested on a couple of computers, and right now it appears to cover the menu bar on two computers but looks fine on two others.
  2. HEADER: I had a doozy of a day playing on Photoshop pulling this header together. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is it cute or cluttered? Does it reflect me and the blog? I wanted to showcase some pictures, but I didn’t want the design to be too much of a grid, but also didn’t want it to be to much of a messy random collection.

Thanks again for stopping by the new and improved Thi2’s Takes! Hopefully this design lasts longer the first. Next on the list, a personal domain! If you know the person who owns www.thi2.com, ask they why they aren’t using it and let them know the person who really should have it.

In honor of Gossip Girl night, a new signature!


6 thoughts on “Duster, May I?

  1. I can see the searchbar just fine, but it is covering “About Me” on my monitor. The header’s perf. LOVE the font and new look!

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