Tasty Tuesday: My Menu for 29 – 점심 at Crisp

I know I’m a bit off of my Tasty Tuesday schedule, but things have been quite hectic! The bro-in-law was in town, checked another off the 30-B4-30 list and oh, yeah, started a new gig. No excuses, though. I’m going to make a solid effort to keep this blog going just as strong as when I started.

So, to continue the Tasty Tuesday: Birthday Edition, I had to share about our lunch (AKA: 점심 in Korean!) at Crisp in Lakeview. I have heard rave reviews about this Korean-American joint. ChicagoFoodies.com called it the “New KFC” last January and that’s quite the understatement. The famous Korean-inspired fried chicken wings are certainly finger-lickin’ good.

Seoul spectacular!

We got an order of wings with the Seoul Saucy sauce, and it was Seoul delicious! The garlic, ginger and soy sauce was sweet yet tangy, subtle yet bold. There was a perfect amount of sauce, enough to lick your fingers but not enough to get all over your face.

Home of the Buddha Bowl

Our friend we went with highly recommended the Buddha Bowl, and I was immediately sold – it’s topped with an egg! So, we tried the Big Bad Buddha which is piled high with twelve ingredients and Buddha sauce (or, Gochujang). I was a bit underwhelmed with the bowl and much preferred the wings.

Overall, I think Crisp is well worth the hype and Seoul excited to get back there!

Have you been yet? What did you have and what do you think?


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