Wedding Wednesday: CS Brides Fall/Winter 2011

Last issue of CS Brides was one of my favorite flip-throughs of the winter season. But, the new Fall/Winter issue just topped the cake for several reasons.

  • Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the editors and team members at CS Brides. They are so nice and extremely helpful.
  • Pure Kitchen Catering and Kitchen Chicago both got huge shout outs in this issue!
  • Your truly and a couple of our friends are featured in the “Hitched” section.

I haven’t seen a hard copy, but I’m SO excited to come across one. If you get to one before I do, tear out page 304. It’s a framer.

Pure Kitchen Catering
As many of you know, I’m good friends with Chef Derrick of Pure Kitchen Catering and have had the great opportunity to work with the team, coordinating weddings and managing PR efforts.

In January, we had an industry tasting with some of our wedding/event friends and CS Brides joined us. I had a chance to sit with both the publisher and editor, who are both incredibly sweet. We were so thankful to have them sample PKC’s food and event more appreciative of the amazing story they’ve featured in this new issue:

Kitchen Chicago
The team members at Kitchen Chicago have been so supportive of PKC and are truly advocates for the team. Kitchen Chicago is a shared space where vendors like Flirty Girl Cupcakes and tamale/taco trucks galore cook/bake. It’s also a unique event space that is open, airy and full of endless possibilities.

Art of Imagination created the beautiful decor and set-up a PKC tasting in January for one of Oprah’s brides. Hadassah Bullis of H|Photography shot the image included below and you can see more on PKC’s Facebook page.

Recognize some familiar faces? Congrats to Sara & Ari and Caroline & Al on their 2010 weddings!

What was your favorite wedding featured in the new issue of CS Brides? They are all so beautiful, but curious what your thoughts are! Also, any tips you enjoyed reading?


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: CS Brides Fall/Winter 2011

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  2. Thanks for the shout out, here, Thi! I was pleased to see so much of PKC and Kitchen Chicago in this issue! and congrats to you for making the “hitched” section! 😉

  3. Hey! I was googling CS Brides to find out when their next issue will be released and came across your blog…I’m assuming it’ll be spring/summer 2012? Do you know when that goes to print? Hope that wasn’t too random, thanks for your help!

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