Wedding Wednesday: We’re Baaaaaaaaack!

Call it a resolution, a goal or pipe dream, but I’m hoping to blog more often in 2012. We’ll dissect why/how in tomorrow’s Thankful Thursday post, but I absolutely had to share a sneak peek from my dear friend Danice’s wedding tonight…

Photo by Nate Robinson of Tracy Routh Photography

Danice celebrated her birthday, engagaversary and wedding day to her long-time love Ryan on New Year’s Eve. I can remember in college her saying that she wanted to get married on NYE so she could always celebrate her big days in one big shebang.

She did just that on Saturday. Blessed with an unseasonably warm, 65 degree day in KC, she was a gorgeous bride and threw the most fun NYE party you can image. Hopefully she’ll let me steal some of the pix when they’re finished, but every last detail was perfect and the energy was so special.

How about your NYE? Any other NYE wedding goers out there?

I know a few folks who attended NYE weddings this year. I love ’em! Takes the pressure of “plans” (who needs “plans”?!)! I mean, we had fun and here are the party pix to prove it:


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