Thankful Thursday: 11 Random Learnings from 2011

1. I can’t tear myself away from mindless tele. The shows are getting worse and worse, and sadly, I’m just getting more and more hooked. In fact, I’m watching the season premiere of Jersey Shore as I type, and may queue up an epi of KKTNY next (if I have time, I’m not sure I’ll have enough time).

2. No matter how many I’ve been through, I won’t ever get used to a Chicago winter. Although, secretly (or, not so secretly anymore), I’d like to see Snowmaggedon, Part Deux. We may be enjoying a mild winter now, but it’s coming. I can feel it in my bones!

3. After six years here, I feel like I finally got a chance to enjoy the Chicago summer. The summer of 2010 was all about weddings. The summer of 2011 was all about weekends!

4. Confession: My name is Thi and I’m a hoarder. I took a very official quiz and answered all but one question with an emphatic YES. Luckily my supportive friends Lindsay and Katy have helped me come to terms with the fact that piles of magazines are not OK. I finally tossed out wedding magazines about a month ago. Too bad, because my newly engaged BFF could have really used those!

5. Nesting is never-ending. We’re finally starting to feel at home in our home. We got some new furniture, frames and art this year. But we still have quite a ways to go. My crave right now is a 24″ circle champagne metallic really awesome mirror…that and a Luxe Home-worthy shower.

6. Babies are cute, especially if they aren’t mine. We welcomed our first niece in October. Miss Rylee is as cute as cute can be. I’ve learned that:

  • Zulily is my new Ideeli (let me know if you need an invite),
  • Etsy does adorable,
  • Ralph Lauren knows Layette, and
  • Sparkle Toms are a must.

7. Chipotle is on to something. Foil is a premium item. In our home, we use it keep the dogs off the couch – and it works!

8. I’m desperately seeking Steve. Steve Jobs. His products, actually. My goal is to be an Apple person. I want to be a part of the cult so badly. If the “what’s yours is mine; what’s mine is mine” rule applies. I’m almost there with Cory’s products.

9. Speaking of i-products: Who needs a pocket digi when you have a smart phone and Instagram! Unfortunately, the photo app is only available on iTunes right now;  but I’m counting down the days ’til it’s available on the Android Market.

10. The train isn’t all that bad. The Metra may be germy, grimy and gross; but the el is kinda worse. I’m thankful that the ol’ Pacific West line gets me to work and I don’t have to pay attention to the bumper in front of me. Instead, I get to read about Snooki or Kim K., play Words with Friends or catch-up on emails on my non-iPhone.

11. Resolutions are made to be broken.

  • Exhibit A: I resolved to read one book each month of the year. We knew that was set up for failure when I started reading Marketers Are Liars on January 30. I completed a grand total of one book this year. Embarassing.
  • Exhibit B: Project 365 lasted longer than most resolutions, but I still didn’t complete it. 
  • Exhibit C: I’ve got a month to go and I’ve only checked off half of my 30-B4-30 list.

What was your favorite learning from 2011? Once I recover from my vacation hangover, I’ll post some goals for 2012. Maybe I’ll break the pattern this year. (Or, maybe I won’t; I’m a realist.)


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: 11 Random Learnings from 2011

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