Project 366: Day 76, 03-16 KU v. Who

Was so lucky to have center court tickets to the KU v. Detroit game tonight. Most of the first half was kind nerve-stacking, but I ended up breathing by half-time.

Wish we were there for the MU loss, but took a sake bomb to celebrate. See ya!




Project 366: Day 51, 02-20 Missed This Face

Reina and Lovie kept the house in order and greeted us with wagging tails and too many kisses today. Missed those vicious pit bulls!


Project 366: Day 45, 02-14 L-O-V-E

Amour. Amor. Amore. Yeu. Laska. Liebe. Milosc. LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Project 366: Day 44, 02-13 The Big 3-0!

Well, I didn’t quite complete my 30-B4-30, but I always have this year, right? Or, as my bestie from Erin Pot Pie suggested, just add it to the 40 bucket list! Good call.



* Had to do the first as a B&W cuz my  chartreuse sweater pretty much clashed with the Texas Leather on the wall.

Project 366: Day 40, 02-09 First Birthday Card

My has to be the cutest on earth. She sent me a card today with a pic from the day I was born (all fat cheeked) and a form for me to fill out: 1982 vs. 2012 – weight, height, etc. Adorable.


Project 366: Day 23, 01-23 Happy Year of the Dragon!

My mom is so amazing. Every year, for as long as I can remember, writes a little wish on my li xi red envelope. It’s one of my favorite traditions. In fact, I save them each year (yes, I am a hoarder, remember?).

Chuc mung nam moi!



Thankful Thursday: 11 Random Learnings from 2011

1. I can’t tear myself away from mindless tele. The shows are getting worse and worse, and sadly, I’m just getting more and more hooked. In fact, I’m watching the season premiere of Jersey Shore as I type, and may queue up an epi of KKTNY next (if I have time, I’m not sure I’ll have enough time).

2. No matter how many I’ve been through, I won’t ever get used to a Chicago winter. Although, secretly (or, not so secretly anymore), I’d like to see Snowmaggedon, Part Deux. We may be enjoying a mild winter now, but it’s coming. I can feel it in my bones!

3. After six years here, I feel like I finally got a chance to enjoy the Chicago summer. The summer of 2010 was all about weddings. The summer of 2011 was all about weekends!

4. Confession: My name is Thi and I’m a hoarder. I took a very official quiz and answered all but one question with an emphatic YES. Luckily my supportive friends Lindsay and Katy have helped me come to terms with the fact that piles of magazines are not OK. I finally tossed out wedding magazines about a month ago. Too bad, because my newly engaged BFF could have really used those!

5. Nesting is never-ending. We’re finally starting to feel at home in our home. We got some new furniture, frames and art this year. But we still have quite a ways to go. My crave right now is a 24″ circle champagne metallic really awesome mirror…that and a Luxe Home-worthy shower.

6. Babies are cute, especially if they aren’t mine. We welcomed our first niece in October. Miss Rylee is as cute as cute can be. I’ve learned that:

  • Zulily is my new Ideeli (let me know if you need an invite),
  • Etsy does adorable,
  • Ralph Lauren knows Layette, and
  • Sparkle Toms are a must.

7. Chipotle is on to something. Foil is a premium item. In our home, we use it keep the dogs off the couch – and it works!

8. I’m desperately seeking Steve. Steve Jobs. His products, actually. My goal is to be an Apple person. I want to be a part of the cult so badly. If the “what’s yours is mine; what’s mine is mine” rule applies. I’m almost there with Cory’s products.

9. Speaking of i-products: Who needs a pocket digi when you have a smart phone and Instagram! Unfortunately, the photo app is only available on iTunes right now;  but I’m counting down the days ’til it’s available on the Android Market.

10. The train isn’t all that bad. The Metra may be germy, grimy and gross; but the el is kinda worse. I’m thankful that the ol’ Pacific West line gets me to work and I don’t have to pay attention to the bumper in front of me. Instead, I get to read about Snooki or Kim K., play Words with Friends or catch-up on emails on my non-iPhone.

11. Resolutions are made to be broken.

  • Exhibit A: I resolved to read one book each month of the year. We knew that was set up for failure when I started reading Marketers Are Liars on January 30. I completed a grand total of one book this year. Embarassing.
  • Exhibit B: Project 365 lasted longer than most resolutions, but I still didn’t complete it. 
  • Exhibit C: I’ve got a month to go and I’ve only checked off half of my 30-B4-30 list.

What was your favorite learning from 2011? Once I recover from my vacation hangover, I’ll post some goals for 2012. Maybe I’ll break the pattern this year. (Or, maybe I won’t; I’m a realist.)

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Album

As a thank you gift to our parents, Cory and I gave our families Blurb albums of both our Vietnamese engagement ceremony and our engagement photos. So, for Mothers’ Day we sent them the final of the set of three – our wedding album.

Well, admittedly, I didn’t finish the books in time for Mothers’ Day because I had such a hard time putting the photos together. Becky Hill took so many terrific images, that I had a hard (read: fun) time sifting them through all. I’m so thankful for these lovely images, especially since my videographer “lost” all of our wedding footage (that’s a whole ‘nother post!)…

You’ve probably already seen all the KU lovin’ incorporated in our wedding, but here’s the full wedding album. For Cliff’s Notes versions, a click on the links below for your viewing pleasure:

What’s your favorite pic from your wedding day?

Wedding Wednesday: RCJKU!

I realize it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve done a Wedding Wednesday post – shocking because it’s obviously my favorite series on Thi2’s Takes.

It’s March Madness and as we head into the best sports season of the year, I wanted to honor our beloved Jayhawks! As proud alum of the great University of Kansas, Cory and I (and many of our friends) incorporated several Jayhawk details on our big day.


So, would you give a nod to your alma mater on your wedding day? What kinds of college details have you seen and liked?

Photos by Becky Hill, Caleb Condit and guests for our Polaroid guest book.


For the past year, I can’t count how many times I turned to Cory to ask him how old I was. Not that 27 and 28 weren’t incredibly special years, I just started losing track after 25.

My friend Scott started a Facebook page a couple of years ago, tracking 30 things he wanted to accomplish before he turned 30. What a terrific idea, right? So, now that I’ve turned 29, below is a list of my 30 before 30:

  1. Change my name.
  2. Ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.
  3. Check out the view of Chicago from the Sears (Willis) Tower.
  4. See the fall foliage at the Morton Arboretum.
  5. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  6. Learn to snowboard.
  7. Go to a Sox game at the Cell.
  8. Go to a Blackhawks game at United Center.
  9. Watch the sun rise.
  10. Golf in a personal tournament (Thursday-Sunday).
  11. Make my mom’s famous eggrolls.
  12. Make Cory’s aunt Cindy’s famous sugar cookies.
  13. Make Cory’s grandma’s raspberry jelly.
  14. Figure out Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.
  15. Be debt-free (except the mortgage).
  16. Become a yogi.
  17. Go to the Old Town Art Fair.
  18. Go to a movie in a park.
  19. Take the architectural boat tour.
  20. Camp.
  21. Run/walk a 5K (may be nothing for most, but I can’t run a mile).
  22. Visit a city I’ve never visited before.
  23. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life.
  24. Do a drive by of the Home Alone house (one of my favorite movies).
  25. Brush up on my French.
  26. Back up all my pix on DVDs.
  27. Go dark for a day: No cell phone, computer or TV.
  28. Start eating breakfast on the regular.
  29. Take a class of some sort (cooking, photography, design, French).
  30. Get a psychic reading.

I kept my personal list realistic, measurable and actionable. S.M.A.R.T., huh? (I couldn’t help it, I’m cheesy like that.) I can’t wait to share pictures and stories about each one that gets crossed off the list!

Did you make a list before a milestone birthday? Or will you? What will be on your bucket lists?