Project 366: Day 65, 03-05 DIY Invites

Just finished up another DIY wedding project and so excited about them. Sheila and I are hosting a bridal shower for Cory’s cousin Brittney this summer. Her colors are pink, lime and orange, so I tried to incorporate within the invites.

I saw this amazing DIY chevron invitation suite on Wedding Chicks and thought it would be a great way to tie in Brittney’s colors in a trendy way. The suite is amazing because you can choose from great colors and customize your copy.

For Brittney’s invites, I edited the chevron stripes and then designed the invitation part with some free fonts online. I included a special surprise card for guests and used glassine envelopes and confetti that I had leftover from another DIY wedding project (thanks, Danice). To finish, I created some simple wrap address labels with the chevron design to tie things together.

What do you think?



Project 366: Day 57, 02-26 Wedding Album

So, I spent some quality time working on our wedding album on Blurb. We flipped through it on our 1 year anniversary and couldn’t get past the first page without tears…not because we were feeling nostalgic, but because the perfectionist in me couldn’t fathom the fact that I forgot a title page in the book!

Cory didn’t even notice, but since I made this album in the same style as our engagement and Vietnamese ceremony albums, I wanted them to be all consistent…and both of those had title pages with the date, location, etc. The wedding album had nothing…not even a date to remind Cory each year.

I was so upset about my mistake, it was still in the box until this morning (4 months). This morning, I got over it (until I can afford to redo it and reorder, anyway). So, now, instead of sitting in a box, it’s sitting proudly on our mantle with the others.


Project 366: Day 52, 02-21 Kelsey’s BM Gift

I opened up the cutest gift today from Kelsey. Pix below, but such a cute way to kick things off with her bridal party! She has always been so creative, so not surprised at all to see all the cute touches.

Adorable rustic chic jewelry box wrapped in a mesh leopard bow and a kraft card attached:


Personalized inside with photo of the two of us from my bachelorette party, info cards and a Ring Pop!


Close-up of the info cards that shared wedding details, wedding party intros, attire, wedding inspiration board and contact info:


Kelsey just sent me this pic. Apparently booze wasn’t allowed in the shipment, but she was going to include some prohibited Pama and recipe for a Pama champagne toast! Love.


Isn’t this such a cute idea for bridesmaids? It reminds me of the cards I sent my lovely ladies (inspired by this post by Elise of enJOY it on Elizabeth Anne Designs), but WAY cuter!

Did you do anything special to ask your friends to be in your bridal party or have you received anything unique yourself? Leave a comment to share!

Project 366: Day 16, 01-16 DIY M

We spray painted a gaudy deeeeeeeep gold M into a softer “Champagne Nouveau” gold for our entryway.

Krylon worked wonders! I want to spray paint everything now! What was the last thing you spray painted? Would love some ideas!

I wish I would have taken a “before” picture…


Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Album

As a thank you gift to our parents, Cory and I gave our families Blurb albums of both our Vietnamese engagement ceremony and our engagement photos. So, for Mothers’ Day we sent them the final of the set of three – our wedding album.

Well, admittedly, I didn’t finish the books in time for Mothers’ Day because I had such a hard time putting the photos together. Becky Hill took so many terrific images, that I had a hard (read: fun) time sifting them through all. I’m so thankful for these lovely images, especially since my videographer “lost” all of our wedding footage (that’s a whole ‘nother post!)…

You’ve probably already seen all the KU lovin’ incorporated in our wedding, but here’s the full wedding album. For Cliff’s Notes versions, a click on the links below for your viewing pleasure:

What’s your favorite pic from your wedding day?

Wedding Wednesday: I’m Blurbin’ It.

Man, it’s crazy that Cory and I are approaching a milestone 6 months! 🙂

I’m sorting through wedding photos and starting on our wedding Blurb Book, but wanted to share our engagement photos taken by the amazing Becky Hill and our engagement ceremony taken by Audra Buchanan in Wichita.


Oh, and if you have any tips on how to make a killer wedding album, let me know.

Duster, May I?

WordPress introduced the new Duster theme just last week, and I was debating on making the switch so soon in the blogging game. What the heck, though, right? This look is cleaner, simpler and more me. And, it lets me use  my handwriting font that Erin and Deborah give me as a wedding gift: T’s New Roman!

I’d love your help on two things:

  1. SEARCH BAR: How does it appear on your screen? Does it cover part of the “Inspirations” tab and hide the “About Me” tab? I’ve tested on a couple of computers, and right now it appears to cover the menu bar on two computers but looks fine on two others.
  2. HEADER: I had a doozy of a day playing on Photoshop pulling this header together. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is it cute or cluttered? Does it reflect me and the blog? I wanted to showcase some pictures, but I didn’t want the design to be too much of a grid, but also didn’t want it to be to much of a messy random collection.

Thanks again for stopping by the new and improved Thi2’s Takes! Hopefully this design lasts longer the first. Next on the list, a personal domain! If you know the person who owns, ask they why they aren’t using it and let them know the person who really should have it.

In honor of Gossip Girl night, a new signature!

Project 365: Day 24 – 01.24

Fun with the paper-cutter and arts and crafts time! I made escort cards and table tent signs for Pure Kitchen Catering’s VIP industry tasting tomorrow.

Project 365: Day 6 – 01.06

Now that the holidays are complete, I started pulling together pictures for our family thank you cards that we send each year.