Project 366: Day 82, 03-22 Cookin’ Up a Victory

Our little chef is prepping for a cook-down in STL. Fun with the KU apron; will need to update at some point with Cory’s cape pic.


Project 366: Day 81, 03-21 Pumped Up Kicks

I am starting to train for the Cinco de Joker 5k (tomorrow, I promise) and needed to get a pair of running shoes. It’s been about 4 years since I have worn a pair of tennies.


Project 366: Day 80, 03-20 Fro Yo

It was a beautiful day, yet an extremely stressful one. So, Rubin suggested a little walk down to Forever Yogurt (aka, my heaven).

Here’s my mis-mosh:


Project 366: Day 78, 03-18 WOW

What a nail-biter! I wish I had a picture of the Hawks at the end of the game, but I was too busy jumping up and down and yelling my face off.

Tonight game was the best game I have ever attended! Survive and advance.

KU 63 – Purdue 60


Project 366: Day 77, 03-17 St. P’s

Kiss me, I’m a Jayhawk…

Since I have lived in Chicago (6+ years), this is the first weekend we haven’t celebrated a Chi-rish St. Patty’s and it just so happens to be the return of the South Side Parade.

Oh, well. Glad to be in Omaha to support the Hawks.



Project 366: Day 76, 03-16 KU v. Who

Was so lucky to have center court tickets to the KU v. Detroit game tonight. Most of the first half was kind nerve-stacking, but I ended up breathing by half-time.

Wish we were there for the MU loss, but took a sake bomb to celebrate. See ya!



Project 366: Day 75, 03-15 Iowa 80

The Iowa 80, world’s largest truck stop!

It’s a tradition for us to stop at this magnificent attraction on our way to Nebraska, but Cory usually is in too big of a hurry to soak in everything it has to offer. But, that’s OK. As long as I leave with a Frosty or Blizzard, I’m happy.