Project 365: Day 31 – 01.31

All this talk about “Snowpocalyspe” and “Snowmaggedon,” so bring it, Mr. Blizzard!


Project 365: Day 30 – 01.30

I’m not a big reader, which is actually quite sad. So, along with Gloria, one of our New Years resolutions was to read one book a month. For most, that’s nothing, but for me…that’s a feat! The procrastinator that I can be, I’ve waited until the end of the month to start my first book. I dusted off Seth Godin’s All Marketers Are Liars, a book that I wanted to read when it came out in 2005. Better late than never, right?

Project 365: Day 29 – 01.29

Rubin was excited about the ice louge at the Crossing today, but we didn’t make it for the start of the party (probably a good thing). But, we still got to witness some of the amazing costumes and drunken dancing that ensued as a result of the vodka louge and spiked ciders.

Project 365: Day 28 – 01.28

As you may have read, Ingrid had her “Shed” CD release party tonight and while I couldn’t attend, Kate Black did! This is her picture, but it sure did bring a smile.

Project 365: Day 27 – 01.27

Union Station was beautifully transformed for its Artic Summer 2011 Open House. Several caterers and vendors entertained a guest list of more than 1,500! It was gorgeous and I had a blast meeting a few new folks and getting to know a few new friends.

Project 365: Day 26 – 01.26

Rubin invited me to go 80s shopping with him on Wednesday. Gotta love fluorescents and tight rolled jeans! We headed to the Salvation Army on Clybourn and found oh, so many options! We first perused the aisles to get ourselves acclimated. The nice thing about this location is that it’s wonderfully organized – by garment and color! Now, I know we should have probably left with something neon, but we couldn’t resist a wolf button up shirt and jean vest.

Project 365: Day 25 – 01.25

After a VERY long day, I got home around 9:30 p.m. to this loving face! How cute is Miss Reina? The big glass of wine I poured while sitting on the couch with her was almost better (not quite, though).

Project 365: Day 24 – 01.24

Fun with the paper-cutter and arts and crafts time! I made escort cards and table tent signs for Pure Kitchen Catering’s VIP industry tasting tomorrow.

Project 365: Day 23 – 01.23

Well, originally, my picture of the day was going to include our football food spread, complete with Nora Fleming servingware with a Bears helmet and football; but, since the Bears unfortunately loss, today’s picture of the day is Reina selfishly playing with a toy we got Shaggy for Christmas.

Project 365: Day 22 – 01.22

It was a rough second half and a tough loss, but watching the game at the Crossing with tons of KU fans is always fun. Oh, and I even came home KU and Jayhawk silly bands! Those helped me get over our loss and more so, the sting of breaking our home winning streak.