Project 366: Day 77, 03-17 St. P’s

Kiss me, I’m a Jayhawk…

Since I have lived in Chicago (6+ years), this is the first weekend we haven’t celebrated a Chi-rish St. Patty’s and it just so happens to be the return of the South Side Parade.

Oh, well. Glad to be in Omaha to support the Hawks.




Project 366: Day 60, 02-29 Leap Day

Would have been nice to get a pic of the paper with today’s date, but Google homepage is good enough…

Any ladies propose today?


Project 366: Day 45, 02-14 L-O-V-E

Amour. Amor. Amore. Yeu. Laska. Liebe. Milosc. LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Project 366: Day 44, 02-13 The Big 3-0!

Well, I didn’t quite complete my 30-B4-30, but I always have this year, right? Or, as my bestie from Erin Pot Pie suggested, just add it to the 40 bucket list! Good call.



* Had to do the first as a B&W cuz my  chartreuse sweater pretty much clashed with the Texas Leather on the wall.

Project 366: Day 40, 02-09 First Birthday Card

My has to be the cutest on earth. She sent me a card today with a pic from the day I was born (all fat cheeked) and a form for me to fill out: 1982 vs. 2012 – weight, height, etc. Adorable.


Project 366: Day 23, 01-23 Happy Year of the Dragon!

My mom is so amazing. Every year, for as long as I can remember, writes a little wish on my li xi red envelope. It’s one of my favorite traditions. In fact, I save them each year (yes, I am a hoarder, remember?).

Chuc mung nam moi!




For the past year, I can’t count how many times I turned to Cory to ask him how old I was. Not that 27 and 28 weren’t incredibly special years, I just started losing track after 25.

My friend Scott started a Facebook page a couple of years ago, tracking 30 things he wanted to accomplish before he turned 30. What a terrific idea, right? So, now that I’ve turned 29, below is a list of my 30 before 30:

  1. Change my name.
  2. Ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.
  3. Check out the view of Chicago from the Sears (Willis) Tower.
  4. See the fall foliage at the Morton Arboretum.
  5. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  6. Learn to snowboard.
  7. Go to a Sox game at the Cell.
  8. Go to a Blackhawks game at United Center.
  9. Watch the sun rise.
  10. Golf in a personal tournament (Thursday-Sunday).
  11. Make my mom’s famous eggrolls.
  12. Make Cory’s aunt Cindy’s famous sugar cookies.
  13. Make Cory’s grandma’s raspberry jelly.
  14. Figure out Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.
  15. Be debt-free (except the mortgage).
  16. Become a yogi.
  17. Go to the Old Town Art Fair.
  18. Go to a movie in a park.
  19. Take the architectural boat tour.
  20. Camp.
  21. Run/walk a 5K (may be nothing for most, but I can’t run a mile).
  22. Visit a city I’ve never visited before.
  23. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life.
  24. Do a drive by of the Home Alone house (one of my favorite movies).
  25. Brush up on my French.
  26. Back up all my pix on DVDs.
  27. Go dark for a day: No cell phone, computer or TV.
  28. Start eating breakfast on the regular.
  29. Take a class of some sort (cooking, photography, design, French).
  30. Get a psychic reading.

I kept my personal list realistic, measurable and actionable. S.M.A.R.T., huh? (I couldn’t help it, I’m cheesy like that.) I can’t wait to share pictures and stories about each one that gets crossed off the list!

Did you make a list before a milestone birthday? Or will you? What will be on your bucket lists?

Project 365: Day 37 – 02.06

Thanks to Taryn & Brent for hosting a fab Super Bowl party killer Squares competition. Taryn also made a terrific vanilla cake which def stood its own against the famous Portillo’s chocolate cake.

Project 365: Day 35 – 02.04

Since we couldn’t make it back to Wichita, we went up to Little Vietnam today to stock our place with our favorite Vietnamese goodies, including:

  • 6 banh mi’s (sandwiches) from Ba Le
  • 6 banh bao’s (buns)
  • 4 banh xio’s (meat-filled goodness
  • Some xoi (rice dish)
  • Che (dessert)
  • Banh cam (fried dessert with mung bean center)