Project 366: Day 80, 03-20 Fro Yo

It was a beautiful day, yet an extremely stressful one. So, Rubin suggested a little walk down to Forever Yogurt (aka, my heaven).

Here’s my mis-mosh:



Project 366: Day 75, 03-15 Iowa 80

The Iowa 80, world’s largest truck stop!

It’s a tradition for us to stop at this magnificent attraction on our way to Nebraska, but Cory usually is in too big of a hurry to soak in everything it has to offer. But, that’s OK. As long as I leave with a Frosty or Blizzard, I’m happy.


Project 366: Day 69, 03-09 I’ve Got Crabs

Couldn’t help it. Headline says it all.

Crab at Shaw’s was good but not the best. Oysters were relish, though.


Project 366: Day 64, 03-04 I Heart Hugheys

So thankful to see Miss Andrea this weekend and for the lovely brunch invite chez Quinn. We had such a great time catching up, eating ice cream cake (don’t tell the little ones) and making fun of Andrea…when we could.


Why is my head so big? Awkward.

Project 366: Day 58, 02-27 Banh Cuon

Thanks to our favorite restaurant owner, “Uncle (Cau)” of Simply It, for giving us some of his mom’s homemade banh cuon. I don’t even know where to even begin in order to make these, but I am good with eating them!

As a side note, Cory ate his with chopsticks and I enjoyed mine with a large serving fork. Ha.


Project 366: Day 55, 02-24 Morning Snow

Loved walking out this morning to fresh snow. Would have loved even more to have enjoyed the falling snow next to a fireplace.


Project 366: Day 53, 02-22 Table Fifty-Two DAP

Tonight, I took advantage of Restaurant Week at Table Fifty-Two with my former Pod People colleagues. We try to DAP as much as schedules allow, but it seems like we only get together once a quarter (sadly).

Thanks to Wendizzle and J-Biz for such a fun evening and to our new friend from Table Fifty-Two. Such terrific food, incredible staff and unbeatable company.


Project 366: Day 50, 02-19 Binging in Begas

We called it quits on gambling by 10 a.m. (taking our winnings and running!), so we spent the day eating, walking, eating, people watching and eating.

On today’s menu:

Bouchon Bakery


Carnegie Deli


Serendipity 3




Hopefully I get around to a Vegas Tasty Tuesday soon. We will see!

Project 366: Day 49, 02-18 Garth!

Garth at the Wynn was more amazing than expected. We were in the very last row of the balcony, but the theater was small and it didn’t even feel like we were any more than 100 feet from the stage.

Garth played an acoustic show, with a mix of story-telling, comedy, acapella and a special appearance from his wife, Trisha Yearwood.

Sadly, there was a strict no camera policy, so this will have to do…