Project 366: Day 80, 03-20 Fro Yo

It was a beautiful day, yet an extremely stressful one. So, Rubin suggested a little walk down to Forever Yogurt (aka, my heaven).

Here’s my mis-mosh:



Project 366: Day 69, 03-09 I’ve Got Crabs

Couldn’t help it. Headline says it all.

Crab at Shaw’s was good but not the best. Oysters were relish, though.


Project 366: Day 64, 03-04 I Heart Hugheys

So thankful to see Miss Andrea this weekend and for the lovely brunch invite chez Quinn. We had such a great time catching up, eating ice cream cake (don’t tell the little ones) and making fun of Andrea…when we could.


Why is my head so big? Awkward.

Project 366: Day 58, 02-27 Banh Cuon

Thanks to our favorite restaurant owner, “Uncle (Cau)” of Simply It, for giving us some of his mom’s homemade banh cuon. I don’t even know where to even begin in order to make these, but I am good with eating them!

As a side note, Cory ate his with chopsticks and I enjoyed mine with a large serving fork. Ha.


Project 366: Day 55, 02-24 Morning Snow

Loved walking out this morning to fresh snow. Would have loved even more to have enjoyed the falling snow next to a fireplace.


Project 366: Day 53, 02-22 Table Fifty-Two DAP

Tonight, I took advantage of Restaurant Week at Table Fifty-Two with my former Pod People colleagues. We try to DAP as much as schedules allow, but it seems like we only get together once a quarter (sadly).

Thanks to Wendizzle and J-Biz for such a fun evening and to our new friend from Table Fifty-Two. Such terrific food, incredible staff and unbeatable company.


Project 366: Day 47, 02-16 Dinner/Drinks/Laughs

Been looking forward to this little get together since our meet-up in December. It’s hard to top a 6 hour night, but we put in a valiant effort tonight at Bar Toma (fab ‘zas, BTW).


Project 366: Day 44, 02-13 The Big 3-0!

Well, I didn’t quite complete my 30-B4-30, but I always have this year, right? Or, as my bestie from Erin Pot Pie suggested, just add it to the 40 bucket list! Good call.



* Had to do the first as a B&W cuz my  chartreuse sweater pretty much clashed with the Texas Leather on the wall.