Project 366: Day 44, 02-13 The Big 3-0!

Well, I didn’t quite complete my 30-B4-30, but I always have this year, right? Or, as my bestie from Erin Pot Pie suggested, just add it to the 40 bucket list! Good call.



* Had to do the first as a B&W cuz my  chartreuse sweater pretty much clashed with the Texas Leather on the wall.


Duster, May I?

WordPress introduced the new Duster theme just last week, and I was debating on making the switch so soon in the blogging game. What the heck, though, right? This look is cleaner, simpler and more me. And, it lets me use  my handwriting font that Erin and Deborah give me as a wedding gift: T’s New Roman!

I’d love your help on two things:

  1. SEARCH BAR: How does it appear on your screen? Does it cover part of the “Inspirations” tab and hide the “About Me” tab? I’ve tested on a couple of computers, and right now it appears to cover the menu bar on two computers but looks fine on two others.
  2. HEADER: I had a doozy of a day playing on Photoshop pulling this header together. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is it cute or cluttered? Does it reflect me and the blog? I wanted to showcase some pictures, but I didn’t want the design to be too much of a grid, but also didn’t want it to be to much of a messy random collection.

Thanks again for stopping by the new and improved Thi2’s Takes! Hopefully this design lasts longer the first. Next on the list, a personal domain! If you know the person who owns, ask they why they aren’t using it and let them know the person who really should have it.

In honor of Gossip Girl night, a new signature!

Wedding Wednesday: Step Right Up to Real Simple Weddings

Sorry for the late night post, everyone. It’s been a crazy day, but I’ve been looking forward to this post since I started this blog, so I didn’t want to skip.

As you read in last week’s #WW post, wedding magazines are my favorite reads. Finally, IT is OUT! Hit the newstands, guys…I’m signing autographs and if you’re lucky, I can maybe even get the bride and groom to write a personal note for you. Without further ado, check out Erin and Brent’s AMAZING carnival-inspired wedding featured in this year’s Real Simple Wedding magazine!

Click on the images for larger views.

Erin and Brent’s Nuptial Spectacular was the most creative wedding I’ve ever been to. Not only did we get front row tickets to a flame blower show, unlimited fried pickles and costumes galore, I was lucky enough to a part their big day as a bridesmaid (and sign holder!). Erin and Brent’s families poured their hearts, souls and ribs into customizing every detail, big or small. It was a production, it was a feat and it was magical.

Stay tuned for more coming soon on Erin Pot Pie!

Project 365: Day 10 – 01.10

Erin and Brent’s wedding was featured in this year’s Real Simple Weddings. Check out the famous sign holder! Stay tuned for more from this wedding on this year’s Wedding Wednesday. Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photographers.

Stylish Saturday: Holiday Cheer in the Form of Amazing Florals

It’s snowing in Chicago, so it’s easy to get in the holiday spirit. But, somewhere in LA there’s a little elf who’s spreading holiday cheer in sunny California.

Meet Carissa Jones of JL Designs, Erin’s sister-in-law, who happens to be a leading floral and event stylist in LA. Her designs are incredibly chic, clean, modern and one-of-a-kind. Each year, Carissa releases a couture holiday collection that is available for purchase online and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. What a perfect gift for the holiday season!

Here’s a look at some of my faves:

Balsa Wood Ornaments

Balsa Wood Trees

Succulent Trees

What do you think of the JL Designs Holiday Collection 2010? Which ones would you want Santa to send you?

Also, take a look at the beautiful California Christmas celebration Carissa hosted with Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR featured on Hostess with the Mostest, 100 Layer Cake, Grey Likes Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes and Absolutely gorgeous photos by Leo Patrone! I’m a little jealous I didn’t get an invitation. 🙂

Photos by Mr. Haack


Friday Fave: Erin Pot Pie

Each Friday, I’ll share my favorite blog post of the week – whether it’s from a wedding, craft, gossip or friend’s blog.

Since I’m so new to this whole blog thing, I’m going to retroactively share some of my favorite posts. For the inaugural post of this series, I’m featuring my dear friend Erin’s blog, Erin Pot Pie. After all, this blog has helped inspire me to start writing one of my own.

Erin is one of the funniest, most unique and thoughtful people I know. She was my matron of honor and has been a rock for me in Chicago. Her blog is a true reflection of her – honest, creative, loving and hysterical. Hope you get a chance soon to sit down for a nice large helping of Erin Pot Pie. When you do, please leave a comment and let us know what your favorite serving is!


  • That Explains It – Workout Tapes (11.24.10)
    “I pulled out workout tapes this week…yes “VHS” tapes. In preparation for the Thanksgiving feast we are about to have with Brent’s family in Breckenridge, I decided to do one thirty minute workout, Buns of Steel 2000. I figure that should cover me for the holiday…”
    Note: Check out Erin’s Zumba workout – caught on video!


Wedding Wednesday: Engaging E-Sessions

First official confession of the blog: My name is Thi, and I’m addicted to weddings. There, it’s out there.

I know our big day has come and gone (very quickly, may I add), but I love every detail about weddings. I love it all: the love, emotions, traditions, fashions, accessories, flowers, photography, invitations, food and personal touches. I could (and do) spend hours visiting wedding blogs, reading bridal magazines and daydreaming.

Say No to the Prom Pose
Yesteray, Brides magazine’s Brides Daily blog posted a story, “How to Make Your Engagement Shoot Fun!” and featured the most talked about engaged pair of the year, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who shared with the world their recent engagement session with famed London photographer Mario Testino. No stuffiness here! William and Kate’s photos were casual, endearing and helped further connect the pair with everyone else in the world.

Props, Parks and Pairs…Oh My!
Some of my friends have had some amazingly creative engagement sessions. Below is just a sampling of the beautiful sessions. Click on the images for more about the pair, photo credits and links to see more.

A Sip of Thi & Cory
Click here to visit The Brides Cafe and check out some of our engagement photos by Becky Hill Weddings. We brainstormed props and locations with Becky in advance, and then spent a few fun hours running around Chicago. We had an absolute blast from start to finish. Thanks for the wonderful pix, Becky!

Do you have some engaging e-seshes to share? I’d love to see them or hear about some of your favorite spots, props or shots.

Starting off with a Big Bang

Well, it’s the first week of Thi2’s Takes, so we’re starting off with some lighthearted literary lovin’ – in the form of alliteration. Check back later today and throughout the week for posts featuring:

Thanks for visiting and hope one of these topics piques your interest to keep reading this week.


To Blog or Not to Blog?

David Tennant in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Hamlet

Mr. Hamlet had it right when he asked himself a similar question. Now, in the social media crazed world, I’m asking myself “to blog or not to blog?”

  • Will people read it?
  • Do people care?
  • What do I write about?

Well, I may be years behind, but I’ve finally given in to the ol’ blogosphere. Actually, I signed up for WordPress three years ago, but just haven’t published a post…so maybe I’m not all that far behind the times.

My good friend’s blog Erin Pot Pie is so deliciously hilarious, that it has inspired me to start a blog of my own. Now, I’m not promising my posts will be as LMAO-ly funny, but I’m currently job-free so have some time on my hands (and fingertips) to take up some hobbies I’ve been pushing to the back burner for the last few years. Instead of dusting off my old journals from high school, I’m dusting off my lazy butt and looking forward to this new virtual adventure.

Some topics I’m excited to explore:

  • Inspirations
  • Favorite photos
  • Random Musings
  • ??? – Who knows where Thi2’s Takes can take me!

What about you guys? To blog or not to blog? Do you write one that I’m not reading (yet)? What are some of your favorite blogs? I’m sure I’ll need some inspiration, so would love to hear your faves!