Project 366: Day 51, 02-20 Missed This Face

Reina and Lovie kept the house in order and greeted us with wagging tails and too many kisses today. Missed those vicious pit bulls!



Project 366: Day 45, 02-14 L-O-V-E

Amour. Amor. Amore. Yeu. Laska. Liebe. Milosc. LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Project 366: Day 40, 02-09 First Birthday Card

My has to be the cutest on earth. She sent me a card today with a pic from the day I was born (all fat cheeked) and a form for me to fill out: 1982 vs. 2012 – weight, height, etc. Adorable.


Project 366: Day 23, 01-23 Happy Year of the Dragon!

My mom is so amazing. Every year, for as long as I can remember, writes a little wish on my li xi red envelope. It’s one of my favorite traditions. In fact, I save them each year (yes, I am a hoarder, remember?).

Chuc mung nam moi!



Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Album

As a thank you gift to our parents, Cory and I gave our families Blurb albums of both our Vietnamese engagement ceremony and our engagement photos. So, for Mothers’ Day we sent them the final of the set of three – our wedding album.

Well, admittedly, I didn’t finish the books in time for Mothers’ Day because I had such a hard time putting the photos together. Becky Hill took so many terrific images, that I had a hard (read: fun) time sifting them through all. I’m so thankful for these lovely images, especially since my videographer “lost” all of our wedding footage (that’s a whole ‘nother post!)…

You’ve probably already seen all the KU lovin’ incorporated in our wedding, but here’s the full wedding album. For Cliff’s Notes versions, a click on the links below for your viewing pleasure:

What’s your favorite pic from your wedding day?

Wedding Wednesday: I’m Blurbin’ It.

Man, it’s crazy that Cory and I are approaching a milestone 6 months! 🙂

I’m sorting through wedding photos and starting on our wedding Blurb Book, but wanted to share our engagement photos taken by the amazing Becky Hill and our engagement ceremony taken by Audra Buchanan in Wichita.


Oh, and if you have any tips on how to make a killer wedding album, let me know.

Thankful Thursday: Holiday Edition

While we were visiting one of Cory’s grandma’s this Christmas, I realized how special one of our holiday traditions is to her. Recently, she decided to pull out all her photos from albums, boxes and drawers and frame them all on her walls. As I looked around her living room, I noticed that a handful of them came from Cory and my holiday thank you cards.

Each year, after the craziness of December settles, we send cards to family members with a stack photos – usually from the recent holiday celebrations. Now that everyone uses digital cameras and online galleries, people are hardly printing their photos these days (at least, I don’t); but hard copies are nice to have around sometimes.

Here are some pix of the cards I made this year…

Khaki M’s:

Khaki M

Red M’s:

  • Random white envelopes I had leftover from something
  • Paper Source Cover paper in Red (Cut to be approximately 4″ x 6 1/2″)
  • Same embossed monogram and return address as above

Day 6 - 01.06, Holiday Thank You 

Here’s a link to some pix that I may include with the cards: Flickr Holidays set.

A Decade Later…

It’s unbelievable to look back at the first decade of this century. I remember the Y2K uproar sending families into a frenzy, stocking up on non-perishable food items and dreading the turn of the clock. Now, we’ve fast-forwarded 10 years and wondering what’s to come in 2011.

For me, the past 10 years were packed full of transitions, life lessons, friends, family and love. For the first time, I couldn’t depend on my parents completely, had to make my own choices and grew slowly into the person I am today.

Here are some of my highlights. What were yours?

2000, 08.19 Move In Day with Parents

2000: Transformed from a Southeast High School Golden Buffalo to a University of Kansas Jayhawk.


2001: Gathered with fellow students at a candlelight vigil near the Campanile in honor of 9/11 victims. Photo by Thad Allender for the LJ World.

2002: Spent the summer in France during a six-week study abroad program.

2003, 04.07 Final Four

2003: Celebrated my 21st at the Hawk and took a road trip to cheer on the Jayhawks in Final Four in New Orleans. Photo published in LJ World.

2004, 05.23 Graduation Family

2004: Graduated, but decided to stay in Lawrence through the end of the year (luckily because Cory and I met that fall).

2005, 05.11 Cannes Film Festival

2005: Spent five months in Cannes, France before moving to Chicago in July.

2006, 08.08 GAWLC Tour

2006: Earned a full-time position at Weber Shandwick, a large PR firm downtown, working on got milk? programs.

2007, 01.13 First Family Picture

2007: Picked up Reina Boo in Georgia in January.

2008, 09.07 Lovie at 5 Weeks

2008: Had puppies and kept Lovie Buddy (and introduced friends to their new pets: Phonsie, Diesel and Chalmers).

2009, 11.28 Just Engaged!!!

2009: Bought a condo and got engaged!

2010, 10.16 Wedding Day

2010: Decided to take a leap professsionally, got married and visited South America for the first time. Photo by Makena Coscarelli.

Friday Fave: The Best Photos from 2010

A photo speaks a thousand words and each year, TIME magazine features the best images to recount the year’s most important news stories. It’s incredible how some photographers capture the smallest (or biggest) moments with such artistry and drama. Check ’em out:

Thi2’s Best Takes in 2010
While I realize my year in photos may not be as heart-wrenching, worldly or inspiring as TIME’s, but these Poladroid pictures below reflect one of the most extraordinary years of my life to date.

What are some of your most memorable moments of 2010? Please leave a comment (and a link if possible!) describing your fave moment or photo of the year.

Here’s to a terrific 2011! May it be full of life, love and laughter – and tons of photos to capture it all.

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