Project 366: Day 77, 03-17 St. P’s

Kiss me, I’m a Jayhawk…

Since I have lived in Chicago (6+ years), this is the first weekend we haven’t celebrated a Chi-rish St. Patty’s and it just so happens to be the return of the South Side Parade.

Oh, well. Glad to be in Omaha to support the Hawks.




Project 366: Day 45, 02-14 L-O-V-E

Amour. Amor. Amore. Yeu. Laska. Liebe. Milosc. LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Project 366: Day 23, 01-23 Happy Year of the Dragon!

My mom is so amazing. Every year, for as long as I can remember, writes a little wish on my li xi red envelope. It’s one of my favorite traditions. In fact, I save them each year (yes, I am a hoarder, remember?).

Chuc mung nam moi!



Wedding Wednesday: We’re Baaaaaaaaack!

Call it a resolution, a goal or pipe dream, but I’m hoping to blog more often in 2012. We’ll dissect why/how in tomorrow’s Thankful Thursday post, but I absolutely had to share a sneak peek from my dear friend Danice’s wedding tonight…

Photo by Nate Robinson of Tracy Routh Photography

Danice celebrated her birthday, engagaversary and wedding day to her long-time love Ryan on New Year’s Eve. I can remember in college her saying that she wanted to get married on NYE so she could always celebrate her big days in one big shebang.

She did just that on Saturday. Blessed with an unseasonably warm, 65 degree day in KC, she was a gorgeous bride and threw the most fun NYE party you can image. Hopefully she’ll let me steal some of the pix when they’re finished, but every last detail was perfect and the energy was so special.

How about your NYE? Any other NYE wedding goers out there?

I know a few folks who attended NYE weddings this year. I love ’em! Takes the pressure of “plans” (who needs “plans”?!)! I mean, we had fun and here are the party pix to prove it:

Tasty Tuesday: A Pig Roast for the Ages

I realize it’s been several months since I’ve posted (sadly), but I’m no longer job-free. So, with less time on my hands and frankly, after a full day of sitting in front of a computer  at work, blogging hasn’t been appealing lately. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it, so I want to do a better job at posting when there’s something interesting to share.

Cue our Lord of the Flies experience…

Thunder, lightening, an inch of rain and severe weather warnings wasn’t stopping Cory and our friend Derrick from roasting a 30 lb. pig on Sunday. Extremely skeptical, I sat in the safety and comfort of our home and watched as the boys climbed around our patio to set up a tarp to cover the roasting pit they constructed in our tiny little outdoor area.

Fast forward a few hours and the rain had stopped by 4 p.m. The tarp came off and guests were ready to party!

Derrick did most of the work on our dear friend Mr. Oinkers, so I can’t really explain the culinary process – though apparently he marinated the guy for a few days. It was quite the feast, I must say! We had a talented group of chefs over to enjoy the festivities, ones who work/ed at Vie, North Pond, Belly Shack and one who assists a top celeb chef! Although I tried vehemently to cancel the festivities, I’m pretty proud to have been among such food experts – at our very own Pig Roast! 🙂

Below are some of the pix, vegetarians and Babe-lovers beware:

Derrick and Cory prepping the pig.

The roasting pit on our patio.

The tarp and roasting pit, with the heavy run drops (as seen through our window).

Pig - Before.

Pig - After.

The spectators.

Getting closer...

Veggie-friendly sides.

Several hours later, off the fire pit.

I can't believe this happened at my house.

Poor little guy.

I tried the pig, but I'd maybe vote for a bite of hamburger cake instead.

Please note, I do not condone such behavior and our first annual Pig Roast was actually our farewell Pig Roast. The roasting pit is officially closed for business. Please don’t check back again next year (though, do check out Thi2’s Takes on Facebook for more pix). Sorry for any inconvenience!

After our crazy roast, some good ol’ Caffe Gelato and a regular ol’ Chicago-style beef hot dog sounded so good – and that’s what I got for our Memorial Day. The gelato was the perfect afternoon snack after a day in the hot sun and the hot dogs were the perfect all-American meal, both served al fresco on such a beautiful Chicago day/evening…


Stracciatella (Italian Vanilla with Chocolate Chip) and Frutti di Bosco Raspberry).


The works! Chicago-style dogs on the patio.

What was served at your Memorial Day BBQs? Anything extreme like ours or more traditional with burgers and brats?

Wedding Wednesday: Lovey Dovey Details

I’m not one for girly hearts, bows or ribbons, but since Valentine’s Day is coming up, today’s #WW is dedicated to some beautifully romantic lovey dovey details.

Paloma’s Nest
Home of the Original Ring Bearer Bowl and modern heirlooms

Michelle & Dent

Australian stationary designers (Photos from Oh So Beautiful)

Heart-shaped macaroons

Ashley Meaders
Homemade cake topper (Photos by Meagan Gibson on Once Wed)

Lauren Elise Crafted
DIY candy striped heart photo booth props (Photo by Lauren Donaldson on Emmaline Brides)

Vivienne Westwood
Anglomania Melissa Lady Dragon shoes (Photos by Max Wanger on FashionBinge)

Bragging Bags
Rustic Wood Heart Just Married” Sign (Photo by Morgan Trinker)

Brendan + Jennifer
Australian wedding (Photos by Jonathan Ong on Once Wed)

How adorable is that Australian couple? Breaks my heart how cute that is (pun intended)! I don’t totally agree with the balloon release since it’s not at all environmentally-friendly, but the photo fits perfectly into today’s theme.

So, what do think?

  • Valentine’s Day weddings, save the date or pick a new one? 
  • Heart-shaped details, classic or cheesy?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! XOXO…

Project 365: Day 40 – 02.09

Cory gifted some of my mom’s friends’ little boys (who LOVE him) with li xi (lucky money) in red envelopes.

Project 365: Day 35 – 02.04

Since we couldn’t make it back to Wichita, we went up to Little Vietnam today to stock our place with our favorite Vietnamese goodies, including:

  • 6 banh mi’s (sandwiches) from Ba Le
  • 6 banh bao’s (buns)
  • 4 banh xio’s (meat-filled goodness
  • Some xoi (rice dish)
  • Che (dessert)
  • Banh cam (fried dessert with mung bean center)

Thankful Thursday: Holiday Edition

While we were visiting one of Cory’s grandma’s this Christmas, I realized how special one of our holiday traditions is to her. Recently, she decided to pull out all her photos from albums, boxes and drawers and frame them all on her walls. As I looked around her living room, I noticed that a handful of them came from Cory and my holiday thank you cards.

Each year, after the craziness of December settles, we send cards to family members with a stack photos – usually from the recent holiday celebrations. Now that everyone uses digital cameras and online galleries, people are hardly printing their photos these days (at least, I don’t); but hard copies are nice to have around sometimes.

Here are some pix of the cards I made this year…

Khaki M’s:

Khaki M

Red M’s:

  • Random white envelopes I had leftover from something
  • Paper Source Cover paper in Red (Cut to be approximately 4″ x 6 1/2″)
  • Same embossed monogram and return address as above

Day 6 - 01.06, Holiday Thank You 

Here’s a link to some pix that I may include with the cards: Flickr Holidays set.