Project 366: Day 82, 03-22 Cookin’ Up a Victory

Our little chef is prepping for a cook-down in STL. Fun with the KU apron; will need to update at some point with Cory’s cape pic.


Project 366: Day 78, 03-18 WOW

What a nail-biter! I wish I had a picture of the Hawks at the end of the game, but I was too busy jumping up and down and yelling my face off.

Tonight game was the best game I have ever attended! Survive and advance.

KU 63 – Purdue 60


Project 366: Day 77, 03-17 St. P’s

Kiss me, I’m a Jayhawk…

Since I have lived in Chicago (6+ years), this is the first weekend we haven’t celebrated a Chi-rish St. Patty’s and it just so happens to be the return of the South Side Parade.

Oh, well. Glad to be in Omaha to support the Hawks.



Project 366: Day 71, 03-11 Selection Sunday

One of the best days of the year! Jayhawks are headed to Omaha and hopefully St. Louis…we will be going to both to cheer them on. So excited!


Project 366: Day 56, 02-25 The Good Guys Won

Kansas v. Mizzou. The Border War. Last game of a 100+ year rivalry.

Wow. Today’s game was so intense, I could barely watch (but I did…eyes partially covered). Of course, the good guys won. Muck Fizzou!

The Crossing was nuts after the win…


Wedding Wednesday: RCJKU!

I realize it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve done a Wedding Wednesday post – shocking because it’s obviously my favorite series on Thi2’s Takes.

It’s March Madness and as we head into the best sports season of the year, I wanted to honor our beloved Jayhawks! As proud alum of the great University of Kansas, Cory and I (and many of our friends) incorporated several Jayhawk details on our big day.


So, would you give a nod to your alma mater on your wedding day? What kinds of college details have you seen and liked?

Photos by Becky Hill, Caleb Condit and guests for our Polaroid guest book.

Score Big Sunday: Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson…

While for many Kansas fans (including me), a loss in Allen Fieldhouse and the end of a 69-game home win streak last week was tough to swallow. It’s actually small potatoes compared to the sudden loss of your 43-year-old mother.

The flurry of four technical calls seemed unfair on Saturday afternoon, but how fair was the call 19-year-old sophomore forward Thomas Robinson received from his 9-year-old sister, Jayla, at 11 p.m. on Friday night?

Yet, T-Rob laced up his sneaks and played against the Texas Longhorns just hours after learning of his mother’s tragic death. Continue reading

Project 365: Day 29 – 01.29

Rubin was excited about the ice louge at the Crossing today, but we didn’t make it for the start of the party (probably a good thing). But, we still got to witness some of the amazing costumes and drunken dancing that ensued as a result of the vodka louge and spiked ciders.