Wedding Wednesday: Mani, I Do!

So, as I was thinking about what today’s #WW should be, I looked down at my wintery dry hands, crunchy cuticles and bare nails on my keyboard and realized that the last time my nails got some tender lovin’ was the week of my wedding.

I’d probably have better #WW ideas if I had some color on these nails, right? Maybe I’ll save you all the suffering of a lame post next week, take one for the team and have a blog brainstorm session while getting a mani. Sounds like a plan to me!

‘Til then, guess you’re stuck with some ring-worthy (and not-so-worthy) wedding hands:

Mani, I Do!

Mani, I Don’t…

I wore a one-two punch of Bubble Bath + Pop Art Pink on the ol’ wedding day, but I’m curious what everyone else wore?


Friday Faves: Polishes of the Year

At the request of one of my oldest friends, Kelsey, today’s post is devoted to the prettiest polishes of the year.

Maybe I’m a slow bloomer, but I became obsessed with polishes this year. In fact, Cory gifted me with five days of Christmas and FIVE colors in my stocking, although he already knew his mom was getting me FOUR colors for Christmas. Yes, mathematicians, that’s NINE total new colors in a week!

Product Girl’s Best of 2010 Favorite Nail Polish:
Product Girl, “where beauty products are an obsession,” shared a few of its favorite polishes of the year. While I’m usually stuck in a OPI/Essie bubble,  I’m into “greiges” (love that term!) and need to try Le Vernis in Particuliere from Chanel’s Spring 2010 Collection.

Chanel Particuliere (Photo by Mrs. Juliet Lee)

My Faves of 2010:
My standards are usually greys, browns and darks. This year, I actually lived a little and went for some brighter colors. I also discovered my neutral pink combination of OPI Bubble Bath and Essie Pop Art Pink that I wore on my wedding day with Essie Chinchilly toes. That was my top choice of the year, but here are some others:

My favorite summer color was OPI Rumple's Wiggin' (Photo by Pampered and Polished), which I wore on my toes for our e-sesh and Erin's bachelorette.

I received four colors from the Essie Winter 2010 Collection, and they are right up my alley! I wore Masquerade Belle for the holidays and have Luxedo on right now as I type these very words.

What was your go-to at the salon this year? All Lacquered Up has opened up the polls for its annual Fanatic Favorites, so be sure to vote for your favorites.